Some men argued cuddling ended up being much better than sex.

If the truth is wanted by you about cuddling, Reddit is able to assist. A 2013 thread within the AskMen forum inquired about men’s cuddling practices. The poster wanted to know: How does cuddling make you feel like a therapist asking about your childhood? Very good, in accordance with users. The absolute most popular remark, from Gingor, read, “You understand that feeling whenever you cuddle a kitten? That way, except we get a boner. ” Other guys replied that cuddling made them feel appreciated and“wanted, ” while some argued it had been better yet than intercourse.

Intercourse and closeness fulfill a number of purposes for both genders, so when a Kinsey Institute survey recommends, non-coital conversation like kissing and cuddling is “more important to males than females. ” To get that closeness is essential, way too many men are either reluctant to inquire about for this in worry their behavior are going to be regarded as lower than masculine. Continue reading →