Things you can do Immediately If You’ve Had Non-safe Sex and Could Be Pregnant

I get an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) or STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) after you have unprotected sex, so many questions may begin to race through your mind: Did? May I be expecting? Given that I’ve had intercourse with him, will he keep me? Most of all, exactly just What do i actually do now?

CAPS Pregnancy Clinics are a safe location for ladies and partners to go to after unprotected or non-safe sex. Our nurses are right here to respond to questions and supply help during times which may be stressful, intimidating, and frightening. Every one of our services are confidential—your privacy issues.

In the event that you may be pregnant, here are four things you should do if you are in a situation where you are wondering.

Things you can do Instantly If You’ve Had Non-safe Sex and May Be Pregnant

Ideally, you might be comfortable sufficient together with your partner to own a discussion about your choices and next actions ahead. Some concerns you ought to be in a position to respond to together are:

  • Should we go get tested for STIs / STDs?
  • Are we focused on one another, and it is intercourse one thing we ought to continue doing?
  • Is it better for ourselves and our relationship to avoid sex?
  • Can we parent together if we do get pregnant?
  • Can or will this event of non-safe sex impact or alter our relationship?

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Places You Don’t Wish To Have Public Intercourse

Your intercourse life’s gone a stale that is little. It requires some spice and you understand simply the ingredient – sexy AF down and dirty action not in the bedroom (AKA general general general public intercourse). You’re planning to go on the side and embrace the potential risks of experiencing general public intercourse… but before you get bumping uglies, we’ve got several places you might want to reconsider before you begin getting right down to company. Here’s why…

This seems therefore intimate, right. Just just just What could be sexier than sex regarding the coastline with all the waves lapping beside both you and the moon shining off their toned butt? Except when it is really occurring, you won’t be observing some of these things. Or you’ll be observing could be the strange chafing that is occurring from all of that sand rubbing against each and every element of your system. Let’s all admit that sand when you look at the vag is just about a mood killer. And of course the coastline pests. They’re also not too perfect for including relationship towards the situation.

A bathroom cubicle during the pub

You’ve had a couple of beverages and you’re revving to get. He’s had a couple of drinks and revving that is he’s get. You select it will be crazy and crazy to own sex there in the pub loo. But three what to remind you: 1) Pub loos tend become pretty disgustingly dirty – we’re chatting wee in the chair, wee on the ground, and yes, sometimes wee on the walls (depends you are going to be crashing into sharp metal toilet paper holders and rubbing buttocks against a wall that says “Call Shaz for a good time” – charming if you’re going into the boys or girls)… 2) The cubicles are tiny – meaning. 3) everyone understands exactly what you’re doing, can hear just exactly what you’re doing, is able to see exactly what you’re doing once they look underneath the cubicle to understand why they can’t alleviate their really complete intoxicated bladder. Continue reading →