A good essay will use technique that is excellent structure, linkage, style) to accompany good material (relevant quotes and techniques).

Advanced English Essay Writing Gu

The 1st edition contained an extensive rant concerning the injustice associated with the 2 unit syllabus. I elected to truly save BOS the bandwidth this time, although I’ll put it up if people are bored adequate to wish to read it.

PREFACE (go ahead and skip)

Technique can be learnt, adapted, applied and re-applied until it becomes a fully functioning part of your English arsenal to be utilized at will. This means that, once you learn it, it stays to you. Material, however, is disposable. You will probably use material that is different EVERY essay you write, when your technique is good enough and you’re not some automaton that memorises essays for fun, in which case I salute you.

The items that is taught in class, and then the stuff you learn in class, is material. That is, quotes which can be relevant, a new technique or two, or the historical context that will help a quote add up. It is excellent in the event that you’ve spent years 7-11 perfecting your essay writing style and structure. Unfortunately, you haven’t.

Teaching on essay writing when you look at the classroom is normally restricted to writing an acronym on the board, usually PEAL (Point, Evidence, Analysis, Link), PACT (Purpose, Analysis, Context, Techniques) and on occasion even SEXY (Statement, Evidence, Xplanation along with your position – a BOS favorite, can’t imagine why ). This can be expected to jog your memory with stuff you’ve never been taught or were daydreaming with regards to was brought up (often the best case scenario). That’s where it’s usually left, and also you immediately begin analysing the writing since the exam’s only 5 weeks away. Continue reading →