Keeping It Clean: Top Tips for Masturbator Care & Protection

The majority of us when you look at the BDSM or D/s lifestyle love our toys. Some people have actually chests, trunks as well as rooms that are entire to your tools and toys. Making certain they’ve been neat and well maintained is a concern work, since toys had been built to bring pleasure rather than infection or disquiet, we must learn some principles concerning the cleaning and care of those. You will be able to keep them safe and extend their life expectancy if you follow some simple guidelines.

Why Clean Counts?

Adult sex toys generally lead to safe sex, but they can also be a great way to introduce bacteria and other nasty things to your body if they aren’t kept clean and sanitized. That is because fluids – including semen, genital liquids and bloodstream – can linger from the areas of the toys. Continue reading →